About Maryland Hydroponics

Opened in 2001, Maryland Hydroponics was born when its owner, Brian Rubin, sought the help of the Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Rehabilitation Services’ Reach Independence Through Self-Employment (RISE) Program, designed for those with disabilities who possess a strong idea for a business. In the program, he learned about marketing and running a business, and today Maryland Hydroponics operates out of a 4,900-square-foot location in Kensington that features beautiful plants and trees, all grown without dirt. Brian Rubin also served Start-Up NY at Syracuse University in its Whitman School of Management, a program in which he helped others with disabilities attain their career goals.


At Maryland Hydroponics, customers can choose from a wide variety of products, including books and videos, grow lights bulbs and ballasts, garden accessories, pots and containers, and grow light reflectors. In addition, they can purchase water filtration systems, fans, blowers, hydro systems, and nutrients and additives. Maryland Hydroponics stocks merchandise suitable for a range of growers, from novice to expert.


Maryland Hydroponics guarantees its prices and offers to beat any retail store’s prices, provided the customer provides proof of that price. Currently, Maryland Hydroponics is running a “market correction mortgage equalizer sale,” which features a complete lighting system with wattages from 250 to 1,000 for only $159.95. In addition, for just $99.95, Maryland Hydroponics is offering a 125-watt compact fluorescent system that comes with ballast, bulb, cord set, and adjustable double parabolic reflector. Customers can now purchase any item from the full line of Sunlight Supply and Hydrofarm products, either at the store or online.


Maryland Hydroponics is affiliated with the Garden Writers Association, which provides opportunities for professional gardeners in the areas of recognition, career development, networking, and education. Another Maryland Hydroponics’ affiliate, the Progressive Gardening Trade Association, provides information on gardening products and techniques and solutions for gardening issues, including high prices, drought, lack of space, and food poisoning.


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